Friday, April 23, 2004

What a gray day! It doesn't rain *that* often here - well not anywhere near as much as it does in England (my homeland). But it has rained all day. The back yard is flooded as the rain is making the rest of the snow melt very fast. We are actually trying to pump the back yard water into the ditch in the front yard. From there it will eventually flow into the river which is about 100 yards away (and still frozen). Look out for river break up pics as soon as it happens. Hopefully no floods in the town this year.

Making slow progress with Shapely Tank. I just haven't really had enough knitting time lately.
Here is an "in progress" shot. This is the front - I always use circs even if I don't knit it in the round.
The rug is actually silver - the purple of the yarn isn't showing too well either.
Click for larger
The pattern states to knit 13 inches before the short rows for bust shaping. As I am short-waisted, I think I will do 12 inches instead. I don't want it to be too long and for the waist shaping to be near my hips!!

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