Saturday, January 24, 2004

-31c (-41c with windchill)
My throat is really dry from lack of humidity. Since contracting Whooping Cough a few years back, my throat and chest have never been quite the same. (Was immunized against that as a kid too). For the past two winters, I had to go to Emergency as I got such a dry cough and couldn't catch my breath. I sure don't need that again this year.

Tried to start a sweater with Sirdar Snowflake but I got pretty frustrated. The yarn is dark so I don't think that helped me see the stitches. One row too many sts, next row too few. I frogged. Tried again. Frogged. Maybe when we have more daylight hours I will attempt it again.

I think I might try to make a Two Old Bags purse. Received stock of these patterns last week and have been eyeing up one pattern in particular. The Hold It All Handbag Need to get Hubby to help me wind some wool though...and he keeps finding reasons to do something else. The link goes to my new website - and, if anybody has any problems with the menus taking up nearly the whole screen, can you let me know? It does that on one of our old computers but not on the new ones. I wondered if it was just that puter....sure hope so.

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