Tuesday, November 18, 2003

This morning was FUN! We braved the snow and slippery roads and headed off to Tree House. Tree House is a group for parents and kids. It is a fairly new group. We have a Tumbling Tots morning every Tuesday in the Pentecostal Church. Nice big room for the kids to let off all that energy. You SOOOOO need somewhere like that when it is -30 and they can't play outside. Anyway, today we had a party. We were celebrating World Children's Day or International Day of the Child. The reason that I am not sure which is a 2 year old who distracted me :) Shannon (who runs the group) played guitar and we all sang kids songs. Hey what do you know? The words are different in England. So Mommy Jackie was singing one version and the Canadian Moms are singing a different one. It was funny. Then we had a puppet show. Jesse decided he couldn't live without seeing how the puppets were being worked of course. He can't sit still for a minute anyway. Then we had Gingerbread men and snacks. It was a nice morning. I badly needed to get out of the office and house. I have felt like a prisoner lately. That is often I how feel at the beginning of winter. As soon as we get out on the snowmobile, I start to enjoy winter. Not quite enough snow coverage yet...but if it keeps up, as it has all day, we will have enough.

On the knitting front. I am throwing caution to the wind. Began knitting Bonne Marie's Ribby Sweater. Although it is made flat, I have decided to try to make it in the round. So far, so good. Touch Wood. Fingers crossed. etc etc. I am trying to use up some stash so this is being made with RH yarn (don't all groan at once) in a nice dark blue fleck. Will try to take an "in progress" photo later.

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